Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) Workshop

Neuro refers to brain. As we experience the world, we create internal maps of it & use those maps to our personal thinking & action especially with other people. In learning NLP one learns how to use ones five senses to experience the world. Linguistic means language. Each individual develops his or her personal & unique vocabulary. Programming refers to learning new ways of thinking, feeling or acting.

The workshop helps you to learn about your sub modalities (our senses). The workshop will help you to get rid of old beliefs and develop new ones. It also focuses on helping you stay positive and calm and helps you to get rid of your fears and phobias.

Featured Outlines of N.L.P Workshop:

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Outcomes
  • How People Tick
  • Getting What You Want
  • Knowing What You Really Want
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • Power Communication Techniques
  • Changing Your World

and many more….

Workshope Duration: 2 Days

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