Self Hypnosis Workshop

Self Hypnosis Workshop

Clinical hypnosis is used for specific purposes like weight loss, quit smoking, anxiety, depression, memory loss, etc. It’s conducted in a peaceful and quiet surrounding. Before the session begins, the person is given an insight to the process of hypnosis. After a light trance has been achieved, some hypnotic tests are given to see whether a suitable level of hypnosis has been achieved.

This workshop provides you with an insight as to how to relax yourself and also tells you ways to achieve your goals. There are few practical exercises and in addition the client is shown a video glimpse of hypnosis and also the client makes an audiocassette for future purposes.

Level 1 Featured Outlines:

  • What Is Hypnosis?
  • Definitions by the Recognized Experts
  • What is Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis?
  • Are there Limitations with Self-Hypnosis?
  • Practical Matters of Self-Hypnosis
  • Self-Hypnosis Techniques

and many more….

Workshope Duration: 2 Days

In level 2 techniques for dealing with children and regression ideomotor technique to explore the subconscious are taught. A lot of suggestibility test are given to check the depth of hypnosis.

Workshope Duration: : 2 hours

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